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Redlands DUI Attorney: Help With Your DUI Case

If you were recently charged with a DUI and endured a field sobriety test, your Redlands DUI attorney, Scott Stotz will review every detail of your sobriety test to ensure the arresting officers followed all protocol and procedures necessary. Any deviation from the proper administration of a field sobriety test could result in the dismissal of your DUI case and the resumption of your driving privileges. It is imperative that you contact a Redlands DUI attorney like Scott Stotz, who will fight for your rights when you’ve been charged with a DUI crime.

Coordination tests are the hallmark of a field sobriety examination, because they help determine if a driver is intoxicated past the point of being able to maintain his or her control of the vehicle. The officer will inquire as to whether you can balance for 30 seconds and perform a walk-and-turn test. However, these tests can be affected by a wide variety of intervening events, including weather, road conditions, lighting, and the type of the shoes worn by the suspect. If any discrepancies exist with regard to your coordination tests, your Redlands DUI attorney will allude to these inconsistencies during your trial.

Your Redlands DUI attorney will also ensure that any biological testing (for example, blood or urine tests) is handled properly and the chain of command is respected. This means that the nurse who withdrew your specimen must use proper equipment and storage techniques, as well as fill out the appropriate paperwork to document the location of your sample at all times. Any mix-up in the laboratory will likely lead to the immediate dismissal of blood or urine sample evidence during your trial; this could ultimately lead to the dismissal of your case.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence and are facing trial, it is understandable if you are experiencing significant anxiety. Get the legal advice and advocacy you need from an experienced Redlands DUI attorney who can effectively represent you.

Do not hesitate to contact the law office of dedicated and knowledgeable Redlands DUI attorney Scott Stotz today at (909) 255-1791. Scott Stotz is an experienced DUI attorney with the experience and qualifications necessary to expertly handle your claim. Call today for a free initial consultation.